World Icebocce Association.



The game of Icebocce, is a game that combines several games like Bowling, Curling, Bocce, Burling, Ice Stock Sport known as Bavarian Curling (Eissrockschiessen) and Shuffle Board.  It is a game most similar to Bocce but is played on ice with 8 three pound Icebocce Dysks and a puck or jack.  The official ice court size is 85’(4m) x 13’(25.9m) with side bumpers and end boards, but ideally the game can be played anywhere there’s an ice surface.

So our goal is to get Icebocce in front of winter sport enthusiasts that like to play hockey, ski, ice fish, or who just build rinks in their back yard for their kids to play on. We want to get Icebocce as a side event to pair with other events including for example, Adult Pond Hockey Tournaments, Cross County Skiing Events, Snowmobile Races, Winter Carnivals, or even as a Ski Resort Activity at the bottom of the hill at the local hangout.

Everyone from the senior to the youth population can enjoy and play the game of Icebocce.  So let's make Icebocce the newest game on ice and a sport that people talk about and want to play.